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Suwannee Springfest!

I’m really excited to be coming back to Suwannee Springfest again this year and bringing my new conspirators Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand! Tons of old new friends make up what is the most ambitious lineup in years! We’ll also be touring the Southeast for three weeks so check forĀ shows in your area!

I have a very select number of tickets available for the festival at a special price, plus you’ll be supporting the band! If you’re interested please email me!

One thought on “Suwannee Springfest!

  1. morningstar says:

    Hey Chris!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!! Marina and I were just driving down cypress lake dr. when the middle schoolers were walking home, it reminded me of when you guys lived in those apartments and I walked there from middle school and helped your mom when Laura was a baby. You were such a character!!! Anyway we are all grown up now, unfortunately. Have a great day. We sent ya something, should be there in a few days. Check us out next time your in town. Happy Happy!! Love ya, -Julie, Dave and Marina

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