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I’ve been particularly obsessed with playing in duo settings the past few months. I’ve always loved it, but there have just been some really special moments recently playing with some of my friends and heroes and friend/heroes. All this was capped with the insane round robin duets night at Undead Jazzfest last week. There is something about the intimacy of a duo that insists on complete honesty and being in the moment. Here’s one I did this week with Andrew VanNorstrand – one of my favorite musicians and one I’ve gotten to know extremely well over the course of exactly the last year. So here’s what we came up with based on what we both know about music, what he’s taught me about a genre I was completely unfamiliar with, and a whole lot of trust and excitement of the moment…

Katy Hill @ Ashokan Western & Swing Week 2011 from Chris Miller on Vimeo.

And if that doesn’t show up here’s the external link

2 thoughts on “New Video

  1. Mike Bovenzi says:

    This some of the coolest stuff I’ve heard you do. Very nice!

  2. Kate says:

    hell yeah!!!

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