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End of summer wrap-up/NYC Concert Recommendations

The second half of this summer went by so quick that I haven’t had a spare second to update this site. Finally I’m settled in and will really try hard to keep up with concert recommendations.

When I left off, I was about to start a huge trip. That ended up being an incredible cross country drive, from New York to Oregon! I managed to find a car that needed to be transported one way, and the owner covered the gas! Then I flew back for free using my JetBlue miles. Highlights of the trip included camping everywhere along the way, visiting Glacier National Park, the breath-taking Oregon coast, and playing with Mike & Ruthy at the Pickathon Festival. It was the most amazing festival I’ve ever been to, and I can’t wait to go back.

Right after I got back I headed to Ashokan for Southern Week, which was another amazing and highly educational time. Spend most of the week working on banjo.

Next up was a big move to Brooklyn! Found a great apartment in the Crown Heights neighborhood which is very central to most things in my life. But just before I moved I fractured my left foot (amidst a harrowing tale which I don’t have time to tell) which completely incapacitated me. Luckily I have many amazing friends who came to the rescue to help with the move, while I sat helplessly on the sidelines to watch.

The day after the move I traveled up to Rhode Island to play the Rhythm and Roots festival with the Red Stick Ramblers. Another great festival with tons of great friends.

The following weekend I ventured down to Florida to see my family and had many outdoor adventures in the 95 degree heat.

Meanwhile, what little time I’ve spent in NYC has been spent working on the new Searchandrestore.com which will be launched very soon! It’s going to be filled with amazing live video’s we’ve filmed over the past year and will revolutionize jazz show listings in New York.

And here are some great shows coming up this week:

Aoife O’Donnovan @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
Singer of Crooked Still with her solo band. Last week of a 4-week residency. 8pm Free

Becca Stevens Band @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
This band sounds tighter every time I see them. Rock/jazz with Bjork inflections 10pm Free

Christina Courtin @ Rockwood Stage 2
Triple Bill Wednesday night is definitely worth the trip. 9PM Free

Lake Street Dive @ Rockwood Stage 2
One of my favorite recent discoveries. Amazingly soulful vocal harmony driven music. 10pm Free

Xylopholks @ Rockwood Stage 2
Featuring the rhythm section of Lake Street Drive in gorilla suits. 11:30pm Free

Tornado Rider @ Tommy’s Tavern (Greenpoint)
Heady fantasy-metal-folk from California. One of the most amazing cello players on the planet. Several other bands playing, not sure of the time.

Firehorse @ Rockwood Stage 2
Finally releasing their debut cd, Firehorse creates amazing soundscapes for Leah Seigel to glide over. 9pm Free

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