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I’m not sure I can capture the feeling of the last few days in a blog post, but for starters I’ll make it one continuous post since it felt like one continuous day. Sorry if it’s long. The only sleep I got in the three days was on planes. Tuesday morning I landed back in […]

Tonight I had the opportunity to see a group comprised of six amazing individual players: Tom Harrel, George Cables, Dave Liebman, Billy Drummond, Lonnie Plaxico, and Jeremy Pelt. If you know anything about any of these players you might be thinking to yourself: “I would never guess in a million years that I would hear […]

Sorry I’m a little late on this, but I’ve been traveling. Luckily a friend of mine inspired me to post anyway! None of this week’s featured shows are cheap, but I strongly believe they’re well worth shelling out the money. And if you know how cheap I am, that means a lot! Tuesday-Sunday Maria Schneider […]

Before I get into this week’s picks, I just want to talk about the experience that was the Search & Restore Benefit concert last night. 23 Artists donated their time to create something that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The music was so full of life and completely in the moment. I cried when Andrew […]

Tuesday Peter and the Wolf, Spirit Family Reunion @ House Concert – Brooklyn Folksy-Indie Rock in a great intimate setting. Email me for more info. 9PM $8 Suggested Donation AfroCubism “The original idea for the Buena Vista Social Club” @ Town Hall (Afro-Cuban) The original idea for the Buena Vista Social Club, with Cuban singer/guitarist […]

Leah Seigel from Firehorse I’m really excited to finally be coming back to NYC this week! And its a great week to be back with so much amazing music happening! Wednesday Alan Hampton’s Parts and Pieces @ Cornelia St. Cafe (singer/songwriter/jazz) Alan Hampton, Gretchen Parlato, Jason Moran, Dayna Stephens. Four of my absolute favorite musicians […]

Speaking of homes, Saturday I returned to a place that’s starting to feel like home because I’ve been spending as much time there as anywhere else – Syracuse, New York. I had a gig playing with the Andrew and Noah VanNostrand band, which I joined a few months ago. Andrew and Noah have welcomed me […]

Any old place to hang my hat is home sweet home to me. As this trip comes to its final stretch, I thought by this time I’d be homesick like crazy. Surprisingly, that isn’t really the case. In fact, circumstances have led me to extend my stay away from home for another week. I do […]

AYCJ Day 23-24 Arrived in Vegas at 2:30pm where I met Hrushikesh (our faithful character from last week’s Utah episode) and Heejoon who was, up to this point, another AYCJ stranger. We jumped in our rental car and headed East towards the Grand Canyon. One nice thing about Hertz and AYCJ is that I was […]

AYCJ Days 19-22 Just a few short words on the rest of my Virginia stay. I decided to take a break from being a journalist and just enjoy my time, which was spent sleeping, watching movies, playing board games, eating insanely decadent food, and hiking along Great Falls on the Potomac River. Day 21 was […]

We pulled in to the town starving. Our two choices were a diner hidden in a strip mall and the quaint looking Salem Restaurant that was a classic victorian house and looked a little pricey. We took our chances with the latter and were surprised when we stepped through the door to find it was […]

AYCJ Day 17 Today marks the first day trip I’ve taken. Originally I wasn’t going to make it to Burlington, but my plans in DC got moved back a few hours so I decided to squeeze it in. I arrived in Burlington at 9:00am and took a 9:40 bus downtown. The buses here are $1.25 […]

AYCJ Day 15-16 This one will probably be quick. Arrived in SLC at 6pm Tuesday and met up with another AYCJer named Hrushikesh, where we rented a car. JetBlue is doing a deal with Hertz for AYCJers for $20/day rentals! Of course, when you add tax and fees for being under 25 it comes to […]

AYCJ Day 13-14 Sunday started with a breakfast of avocado smashed on toast. It was definitely the best avocado I’ve ever had in my short avocado-eating life. It’s amazing what a difference locally grown foods can make in your overall quality of life, and they grow just about everything you could ever want within 150 […]

Having woken Andrew up to let me in, we didn’t really catch up much ‘til morning. We went to breakfast at an IHOP/Denny’s/etc place called the Golden Nugget. I think I mentioned this before, but it’s been really cool finding out what all my old friends and classmates are up to these days. Andrew is […]

When I got off the plane in Chicago I absentmindedly walked to the CTA station and started heading downtown. Then it kind of hit me, I didn’t really have any place to go or anywhere to stay or any reason to really be in Chicago. I had initially decided to come to see one of […]

AYCJ Day 7 8 9 – San Francisco Wow, just spent a great two days/three nights in San Francisco. The flight from Seattle to Long Beach was insanely beautiful – passing volcanic mountains in Oregon and the stunning Salinas valley in California. The Long Beach airport is JetBlue’s West Coast hub, and is not so […]

I’ll write a full post tomorrow, but for now here are some pictures.

Nationwide Concert Recommendations for the week of 9/14-9/20 NYC Wednesday Kristin Andreassen hosts residency @ Banjo Jims (Alphabet City) featuring the Pearly Snaps (old time) Expect tons of special guests and a rare nyc performance by the amazing Pearly Snaps. 10PM Free Friday The Sweetback Sisters @ Joe’s Pub (Astor Place) (country) Awesome Brooklyn Based […]

AYCJ Day 6 I awoke well rested Sunday morning after sleeping on a king-sized air mattress and headed to church with my friend Marta, who I was staying with. It was a Unitarian Universalist church in West Seattle and my first time attending one. The service was really great, sort of everything I had always […]

AYCJ Blog Day 5 Today was one of these crazy travel days that only happens with a special combination of insanity, cheapness, and JetBlue’s somewhat holey route map. Because my AYCJ pass limits me from flying on Fridays and Sundays, I couldn’t resist taking a redeye flight from Denver that leaves Saturday morning at 1am. […]

Day 4: Denver Part 2 Today was the first day I actually spent by myself. Kristi had to work all day so dropped me off at the light rail station and I rode downtown. It was definitely a good thing I had the day to myself because the combination of the super dry weather and […]

First a few short words about traveling to Denver. I had a transfer in Boston and it’s a huge pain that at BOS you have to exit and re-enter security just to get from one side of the terminal to the other. Are there any other airports like this? The flight from Boston to Denver […]

NYC (And Nationwide) Concert Recommendations for the week of 9/7-9/13 For the next few weeks I’ve decided to highlight a few concerts around the nation I’m either attending thanks to AYCJ or at least seriously considered attending. NYC Concert Recommendations Tuesday-Sunday Brian Blade Fellowship @ Village Vanguard (West Village) (Jazz/Rock) One of my all time […]