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Big News!

I purchased a JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass. That means unlimited flights anywhere JetBlue flies (over 40 cities in the U.S. and over 15 in Central/South America and the Caribbean) from Sept 7 through Oct 6. It was an incredible deal at $499.

My plan is this: see as many friends as I can and as many places I haven’t been as I can. I’m also not opposed to seeing great music and even playing music if the opportunity should arise. So I need your help. If you live in a place JetBlue flies I want to come see you. Let me know when is good for you or when isn’t good. Also let me know if there is anything particularly cool going on during the month of September in your town.

Or if you’re a musician and have a show somewhere cool let me know! Maybe I could sell merch for you or something?

Also, if you have a gig you could use me on  – money would be great, but if not I just want to play all I can! Or maybe you want to organize a house concert in your town? Be creative!

Anyway you get the idea. I’ll be blogging the entire trip, and will hopefully have the new fully integrated chrismillerjazz.com up and running by then! I think I might invest in a good D-SLR, unless someone has one they’d like to load me!

I’m also considering subletting my apartment while I’m gone. Again its pretty flexible and could be any time from Sept 6-November 3rd (I’ve got some gigs down south in the 2nd half of October). More to come soon! Be in touch!

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