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AYCJ Day 3: Boulder/Denver, CO

First a few short words about traveling to Denver. I had a transfer in Boston and it’s a huge pain that at BOS you have to exit and re-enter security just to get from one side of the terminal to the other. Are there any other airports like this? The flight from Boston to Denver was my longest so far, at just over four hours. I was well rested already but decided to sleep just to pass the time. I was actually in a rare mood to watch TV but the controls in my row weren’t working so I was stuck on the advertisement channel looping for the whole flight. On the upside though, I had an open seat next to me so was able to spread out a bit.

My good friend Kristi has been taking really excellent care of me and picked me up from the airport. She had to teach in Boulder for the afternoon, but not before we grabbed burritos from a local place and had a picnic in Chautauqua
park. The park backs right up against the flatirons and is insanely beautiful. I’m not really going to try to talk about how beautiful it is here with words, but it’s amazing. Then we took a drive into the mountains a little and hung out by Boulder Creek.

While Kristi was teaching, I met up with Julie, another friend from Florida who lives in Boulder now at a great coffee place called The Cup. I also met a musician there from New York who lives in Boulder but had  - just 5 minutes before I walked up – been informed that his house and all of his possessions burned in the fire in Four-Mile Canyon that’s been going on this week. It’s really horrible and if you’d like information on how you can help you can find it here

After coffee we caught the end of happy hour at a great bar, and I tried a bunch of local beers and a great Chorizo Taquito. That marks five straight meals of Southwestern food and no sign of slowing down yet.

Then, Kristi met back up with me and we raced to get to Red Rocks before sunset. We didn’t quite make it but it was still insanely beautiful. Something you need to understand about me: in fourth grade I purchased Dave Matthews Band’s Live at Red Rocks and listened to it probably 10,000 times. It was one of my favorite albums up through high school and I would just sit and stare at the album cover with a picture of red rocks on it while I was listening to the CD. So actually seeing the place was pretty heavy for me. Not to mention it was more amazing then I had ever imagined.

There was no show happening and they keep it open to the public, so Kristi and I just walked down to the stage and laid down staring at the stars for what seemed like forever. Perfect. I got some neat shots using a 30 second exposure, but they don’t do the place justice.

After that we met up with a couple of Kristi’s friends for dinner at Mead St Station in the Highlands part of Denver, then caught a local jazz band a cool club downtown called Dazzle. The jazz scene seems to be pretty vibrant here. Finally went back to her apartment and drunkenly sang jazz tunes for a while before calling it a night. Tomorrow I hang out more around downtown Denver and get prepped for Saturday which is one of my longest travel days of the trip.

Mirapan (sp?) Pale Ale
Twisted Pine Brown Ale
Full Sail Amber
Fat Tire Amber Ale
Easy Street Wheat
Session Premium Lager

Food – $15
Alcohol – $22
Transportation $0.75

One thought on “AYCJ Day 3: Boulder/Denver, CO

  1. Mandy says:

    It’s very touching how much of an impression Red Rocks made on you. I went to high school 20 minutes up into the mountains from there (where my parents still live). I went to college in Boulder, as you know, and while I knew I lived in a beautiful place because of the frame of the Flatirons, I of course never truly appreciated it. Anyway, keep on keepin’ on Miller… have fun!

    p.s. Southwestern is great, but perhaps keep the bean content to a minimum, given how much time you’re spending on crowded planes and on people’s couches.

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