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2012 Year In Review and Looking Ahead…

2012 Year End Review and looking ahead…

2012 was a year filled with many musical highlights for me. The winter started with a bunch of gigs with the Andrew and Noah Band, who went on to perform consistently throughout the year. The band released a new album and has really coalesced it’s sound. Two albums of great friends which I contributed to were also released – Mike & Ruthy‘s NYC EP and The Revelers debut album.

In February I spent my birthday in Boston performing and seeing friends, then heading to the Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs, which was a new and totally unique experience. I’m excited to be performing at the Flurry in 2013 with the Andrew and Noah Band and the Revelers.

In the spring I participated in an intense four day recording session for A.C. Newman‘s record, and was really excited to be part of the project with some of my hero’s including Marco Benevento and Neko Case. From their I went straight to Louisiana for a fantastic two weeks that included playing at the Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette, Sitting in with the Red Stick Ramblers at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and documenting the inaugural Search & Restore NOLA Jazz Festival – three nights of modern jazz in the days between JazzFest Weekends. Not to mention an insane amount of great food.

New Orleans in a nutshell

New Orleans in a nutshell

The summer brought a bunch of new festivals Old Songs and Falcon Ridge in upstate New York, Mount Airy Fiddler’s convention in North Carolina – and a couple old favorites – another memorable Great Bear Groove and the second annual Miles of Music Camp in New Hampshire, which was just as magical as the first.


Great Bear Groove

Sweet Cabin at Falcon Ridge

Sweet Cabin at Falcon Ridge

Lot’s of great free summer concerts at prospect park, and got to check out the Newport Jazz Festival for the first time, which had an amazing line up in a beautiful spot.

The view from behind the stage at Newport

The view from behind the stage at Newport

The fall meant finally realizing a brand new band – The Broken Stares, which has been a goal for years. The band went into the studio for four days in August to record an EP, and has been performing regularly ever since. We played at the fantastic O+ Festival in Kingston, New York, which is doing great things for musicians and artists health care. I’m really excited to see where this band goes in the coming year.


The Broken Stares at House of Love in Brooklyn

The fall was a whirlwind that started with a short tour wtih Andrew and Noah to the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinati and a great house concert in Louisville.


The Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky

The remainder of the fall was consumed mostly by a tour with A.C. Newman in conjunction with the release of the record we recorded in the spring – Shut Down the Streets. The tour was amazing all around with a great band and group of people, and lots of really cool venues across the U.S. and Canada. Also managed to see lots of old friends along the way.

Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

Right after the tour I managed to get to Costa Rica for 10 days to see family and get back to a normal functioning schedule. Ended the year with a trip to Florida to see family, a trip to Oregon, and a few gigs.

Costa Rica in November

Costa Rica in November


Redwoods in Oregon

My favorite thing about 2012 was the variety of gigs I got to play. Here are a few of my highlights (with points for variety):

The Revelers at a wedding on a sheep farm in Trumansberg, NY
All night playing cajun and swamp pop for relentless dancers. Who would’ve thought after sweating all day in the sun New Englanders would bring so much energy to the dance floor?

A.C. Newman at the Bowery Ballroom in New York
There were a bunch of highlights to this tour – Chicago, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Portland, DC, but nothing quite matched the feeling of playing for a bunch of friends at one of my favorite venues in the world.

Rhinestone Guerrilla Burlesque Tribute to the Animaniacs
Playing in a fully scored musical featuring strippers, a mime, and one of the original voices from the short-lived Animaniacs cartoon was one of the strangest and coolest musical situations I’ve ever been in.

Andrew and Noah Band at the Corning Museum of Glass – an unexpected crowd of over 1,000 – multi-camera live video of the band being mixed with shots of glass blowers in the other room and projected on several jumbo screens.

The A&N Band at the Corning Museum of Glass

The A&N Band at the Corning Museum of Glass

The Baker-Seguine Jazz Orchestra at the Albany Jazz Festival
Sight-reading in a great modern big band!

Surprise bigband gig!

Surprise bigband gig!

The Sweet and Low Down at St. Mazie in Brooklyn
Two of my absolute favorite singers in the world – Rachel Price (from Lake Street Dive) and Tess Missmuse (from Miss Tess and the Talkbacks) get together on the rare days they’re both free and sing standards from the 20’s and 30’s. I was lucky enough to play sax and clarinet on one of these occasions.

New York Minute at a wedding in Easthampton, NY
Playing pop music with a 12 piece band for b-list celebrities was… a unique experience.

And some stuff I’m looking forward too in 2013…
Mike & Ruthy’s Winter Hoot at the NEW Ashokan Campus!

Playing in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock, NY with a cast including Tracy Bonham, Joe Russo, and tons more.

Playing with the Andrew and Noah Band at Dance Flurry 2013, and our first Canada shows at the Summerfolk Festival in Owenssound, Ontario

Joining the Great Bear Trio for contradance weekends in Asheville and Seattle!

Another great Miles of Music Camp on Three Mile Island and tons more to look forward to!

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